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Obama's Fraud

snide50 Wrote: Apr 09, 2012 8:54 AM
The press knew everything about Tiger Woods from the time he got in the SUV and drove it and crashed, The press knew all the e-mails and phone text messages he made and everything about Tiger Woods and can't seem to find out any thing about this POTUS or any of his apointed cronies.

The recent exposé of clowns and mind-readers as critical support elements of government training at a U.S. General Services (GSA) conference in Las Vegas has served as a politically expedient way for Barack Obama to pretend to be tough on the issue of wasteful spending.

There can be no doubt that cracking down on a federal agency that was so misguided that it spent almost a million taxpayer dollars on a training conference (where clowns were considered essential personnel) is a good thing--especially when GSA is the very agency that determines the travel, meals and per diems for the...