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Religious Tolerance Is Not Hate

Snertly Wrote: Oct 30, 2013 4:11 PM
Has anyone confused religious tolerance for hate? Ever? On the other hand, has the American Family Association ever advocated for any sort of tolerance? Is Mr Jackson aware that not every organization which refers to itself as Christian actually attempt to act in a Christ-like manner?
While quibbling about the details you've acknowledged the main points. Let's not forget that Bush Jr was a failed Texas oilman when he started running for office. All of these people benefited from governmental rescue programs or by bailing on load of debt.
You don't want Affordable Healthcare because the GOP has temporarily shutdown certain governmental services in an attempt to extort US into giving up on the idea of national healthcare? Capitulate much?
The only news here is what constitutes "a scary looking assault water gun" for townhall.com. If it had been a chromed cap pistol, I'm sure the editors would have instantly died from apoplexy.
If stupidity were to work like negative numbers, where minus times minus is a positive number, then stupid times stupid would be genius, and Townhall and the Washington Examiner would be proving it each and every day.
It seems far more likely that Ms Rockford was afflicted by an ailment lying somewhere between the vapors and the screaming meanies.
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