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If Republicans go this way, they're certain to lose in 2016. And deservedly so. We need new people and new ideas, for heaven's sake
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Romney Insider: Mitt's Running...

snemeth Wrote: Dec 06, 2014 10:18 AM
He's a fine man, but not a winning campaigner. "Guter Mann, aber schlecter Musikant." If he's again the nominee, the Republicans will lose again in 2016. Once is experience; twice is.... How about Scott Walker (and New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez) instead?
Republicans would have to be idiots to go for Romney once again. Reason? "Guter Mann, aber schlecter Musicant." If Republicans. on the other hand, are serious about winning in 2016, they'd be wiser to go with a Scott Walker/Susanna Martinez ticket.
Obama's possible motive in not calling a war a war? He doesn't want to have to return his undeserved Nobel Peace Prize? How rich it is that our community- organizer- in- chief, who prided himself on unilaterally ending wars, suddenly finds himself embroiled in one. Who says the Muse of History doesn't have a wry sense of humor?
Not "War?" The most astonishing verbal idiocy since Clinton's "that depends on what is is." Obama needs a new White House staff. We need a new president and a new White House staff!
For Obama it's still as always politics over people. For Eric Holder it's still as always pigment over justice. How long will their support among the populace stay above the single digits? Inquiring minds want to know.
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The Encouraging Rise in School Choice

snemeth Wrote: Sep 06, 2014 2:40 PM
Without saying anything in favor of corrupt and controlling teachers' unions and the politicians in their pockets, nevertheless I find the optimism in articles like this one questionable at best. Just how many contemporary parents are in fact that concerned about the actual quality (apart from grades) of their children's education? Just how many students themselves have been socialized to learn before they enter a classroom, a classroom of any sort? My point is the blame for the undeniable decline in America's educational achievement has to be spread wider than to just such an easy, culpable target as the teachers' unions.
Psaki and Harf! Obama's most notable skill in office is in finding and retaining such enabling, lying yentas -in-training. Blindly obedient, they ought to be ashamed of themselves
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Saving Education

snemeth Wrote: Sep 04, 2014 10:59 AM
This still seems to be mostly about money and how it should be allocated. It's well and good to go after corrupt teacher unions, but missing is any emphasis on the role of the parent in creating a child already socialized to learn, whatever the school, or an awareness that the child himself has a major responsibility in the success of his or her actual education. The Kerner Report, a number of years back, revealed the damning American disinterest in these last two vital areas.
If Obama were himself a member of ISIS (which of course he isn't), still he couldn't be doing a better job of strengthening the terrorist group and diminishing the tonic power of America. Maybe, though, his dithering and aloofness are just dictated by a fear, should he take appropriate action, that the Nobel Committee will demand the return of his prematurely awarded Peace Prize! Just a possibility:-)))
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