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The WH decision NOT to change it scares me far more:-))))
Is she really mad or only feigning madness?
He's only a community organizer who finds himself with increasing unsuitableness in the President's chair. Does anybody expect him to take a direct look at the mess his incompetence has fostered? I say 2 and one half more years, with two off for good behavior:-)))
Her hope for change is diminishing? Is there any truth to the rumor she caught swine flu while demonstrating her "compassionate elitism" via several photo ops, oohing and aahing too close to the unvaccinated little dears?
First Jen Psaki and now this woman. Where does Obama find these clueless sycophants? They put Jay Carney to shame!
Ho! Hum! Tedium and Fatigue! What else is new with our blame-shifter-in-chief. He sounds like those Germans in the center of the Holocaust who routinely answered the charge of evading responsibility with "Wir hat keine Ahnung was Sie tun" (We had no knowledge of what they were doing.) :=))))
The fake sensitivity of the politically correct has become a hoot! Does the self congratulatory "indignation" of the fashionable Left know no bounds?
I'd never thought it possible, but Jen Psaki puts even Jay Carney to shame for shameless, know-nothing idiocy.
If a foreign enemy had been installed in Obama's stead in the White House, it surely couldn't have been more destructive of America, at home or abroad.
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