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What a surprise it would be if American and not just black ("my people") Eric Holder expended as much energy on the various outrages besides this one that are of possible or definite concern to his Department. His biased focus makes him himself an outrage.
An example of the idiotic moral equivalence of the morally ignorant contemporary American Left. "Knowledge is not Virtue," as Cardinal Newman famously laid down in "The Idea of a University." Our Left, though, composed of outdated 60's radicals, academics who've been propagandized by them rather than educated to see reality, the suck-up media, and the Hollywood one-percenters filled with white guilt show us, sadly enough, that they can't discern the difference, say, between lightening and lightening bug! :-)))
He has no need to take a vacation since he's always been on one. This is probably what he meant:-)))
Katie Pavlich doesn't grasp that Obama is incapable of ever making a mistake or admitting it if he were. He sounds like a narcissistic product of hands-off parenting:-)))
A JV team? Obama's "Leading from Behind" is in fact just "Leading from his own Behind.":-))))
Not a surprising development. Long ago, skeptical Voltaire said wittily "If there were no God, it would be necessary for man to invent one." He'd no doubt be disappointed, if not surprised, to see that this is precisely what the supposedly emancipated secular Left has done in our time. The Puritan mindset lives on in them, though without the original Puritan God. "Social Justice" has become the replacement God, and the only one welcome in the public schools.
Exactly so. In this case, what could there possibly be to negotiate? Where's the common ground? Hamas wants not peace but the destruction of Israel, end of discussion. Obama and Kerry are in a bubble; their notions have little to do with the reality on the ground.
You are right about the disappearance of "Art," and I have nothing to disagree with in your assessment of Obama and his consigliore Valerie Jarrett. Still, I think the Republicans must do their best to undermine the above paybackers, and undermine the use of the executive pen in some way, shape, or form, rather than just squabbling, and showing off by inaction among themselves as to whose position is more virtuous, a RINO's or a TEA PARTYER'S.
I wish all the self-righteous RINO haters would remember Edmund Burke's sage reminder that "politics is the art, not of the ideal, but of the possible." In an ideal world, it would be great to deport all the cheaters, but that's not going to happen here, and pretending it will, given the current mess, is hardly wisdom Surely, it's imperative as a partial compromise that the 2008 law be immediately changed to include people from any nation coming across the border, that the border be made really secure by completing the promised fence and sending national guardsmen and more patrol agents to the border. Tomorrow, the House has a chance before it leaves town to undermine King Obama's threatened use of the executive pen in his shameless zeal for presumed Hispanic votes. Will its members be wise enough to settle for the good and not see it instead as the enemy of their cherished ideal? One can hope.
The WH decision NOT to change it scares me far more:-))))
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