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What Obama Does Best: Taunt Republicans

Snarkasterous1 Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 9:00 PM
Actually, Hagel appeared an EXCELLENT fit for this administration. That is to say, he was poorly-informed, clearly not prepared for the role into which Obozo proposes to thrust him, cannot explain his very poor past record and ignorant comments..... Yep, a PERFECT Obozo Administration Lackey. Well-chosen! - Snark

President Barack Obama is not committed to fixing Washington's chronic budget woes or jump-starting an ailing an economy, but that doesn't mean this administration lacks focus. If there is one area in which this administration delivers, it is taunting Republicans.

Think Lucy teasing Charlie Brown with the football -- except in this case, Lucy is a twice-elected president who ought to have better things to do, such as getting Washington to work.

Three recent examples:

The White House released a photo of the president skeet shooting, in reaction to the press corps' skepticism of a recent Obama...