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Obama's Stump Speech Myths

Snarkasterous1 Wrote: Jul 11, 2012 11:08 AM
Birdman- I've seen this quote several times..... and each time I read it, I'm struck by the profound truth it conveys. "The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting an inexperienced man like him with the Presidency..." It's nearly enough to make me ashamed of my country - that enough young, ignorant, naive, single mother, chronically-dependent, and minority voters were willing to elect someone so clearly unqualified... ...but then I reflect that those voters are merely liberals, and I've never expected much from them. Perhaps in 2012 the adults will be heard, and we'll get The Amateur out of office. Vote, and VOTE RIGHT, in 2012! - Snark
Barack Obama has trouble telling the truth.

This is the man who admitted his memoir "Dreams from My Father" was semifictional. "For the sake of compression, some of the characters that appear are composites of people I've known, and some events appear out of precise chronology." Translation: On some pages, I'm taking poetic license with the facts to burnish my image.

The problem is, Obama's still using poetic license. So where are the reporters to point out when he doesn't tell the truth? Let's take just one typical Obama stump speech, on July 5 in Sandusky, Ohio, and look for the...