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It Takes a Village to Destroy One Thousand Years of Culture

Snarkasterous1 Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 10:21 AM
An interesting article. Of course, the libbie enviro-fanatics that are guilty of such craven ignorance are likely blithely unaffected by the actual outcomes of their actions. What's TRULY important to libbies is that they feel good, and highly-nuanced, and moally superior as a result of their actions. Tens of millions of poor people uprooted and exploited? biggie. Libbies love Mother Earth! They're morally superior! - Snark

If you were looking for that last-minute pre-poll pitch to that favorite undecided voter in your life, you are done shopping. If any fence sitters needed convincing that the liberal agenda is costly, and hypocritical, let them feast their eyes on the following.

David Williams of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance has uncovered a history of abuse of your tax dollars to fund “environmentally responsible” projects across the globe that have done little but fatten wallets and in at lest one case has resulted in the destruction of a village. The TPA is calling it “The Environmental Shakedown of American...