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Internal Polls Show Close Romney Lead

Snarkasterous1 Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 10:32 AM
Yeah, well, we'll know soon enough, won't we? Romney wins. There just aren't enough excited, ignorant, young, naive, chronically-dependent, minority, hopey-changey voters this time around to re-elect Obozo. Obozo has an actual record, for the very first time in his entire life, as a leader. It's horrific. Largely as a result, he loses this election. - Snark
Internal polling leaked to the media today show a close but definitive lead for the Romney campaign. Toby Harnden at the Daily Mail got the scoop:

Mitt Romney is ahead by a single percentage point in Ohio - the swing state that could well decide the election - according to internal polling data provided to MailOnline by a Republican party source.

Internal campaign polling completed on Sunday night by campaign pollster Neil Newhouse has Romney three points up in New Hampshire, two points up in Iowa and dead level in Wisconsin. Most startlingly, the figures show...