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Crashing Resolve and American Dream

Snarkasterous1 Wrote: Nov 24, 2012 2:38 PM
...often don't. And those unable to produce college-level work often don't graduate. Huh! Startling - at least to highly-nuanced libbies unable to learn from history. 4) Hostess bankruptcy continues. Union demands and unsustainable costs caused by absurd work rules killed the company. Well done, libbie-supporting unions! 5) Illinois' finances have arguably reached a sad state from which recovery may not be possible. Even under unrealistically-optimistic estimates of future rates of return, the state has ~ $200B of debt and ~$94B of unfunded pension liabilities. Ah, the fruits of decades-long libbie leadership. Well done, libbies! Yes, the outcomes of libbie policies are clear. Abject failure. Hasten, Obozo administration!
Don't get me wrong, the Fiscal Cliff, followed by implementation of Obamacare taxes and rules, and then later, in the year, another debt ceiling debate is dangerous as hell for the economy and stock market. But, there is also a new danger that will run amok on both in a designed plan to wreck the joint.

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Over the weekend, I was honored to speak at David Horowitz "Restoration Weekend" conference in West Palm Beach. I discussed many things including my plea to conservatives to wake up about a real grass roots effort to win the vote. I also met so...
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