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Unions had the field to themselves for decades in the "Contribute hundreds of millions of dollars of members' monies, almost entirely to libbie politicians," sweepstakes. Libbies are shocked -SHOCKED at the idea that following the COTUS' CORRECT decision in "Citizens United," corporations can participate in the election process just as unions have for decades. Libbies just KNOW that allow a corporation, which is an organization of many led by a few, to participate in elections is pure, unadulterated evil. On the other hand, unions, which are organizations of many led by a few, participating in elections is "totally different" in libbies eyes. Could that be because unions are almost 100% in the pocket of libbie politiians?'s a PRINCIPLED position by libbies, who are DEEPLY CONCERNED with the integrity of the election know, as demonstrated by their shrill opposition to OBVIOUS reforms like requirement of picture ID to vote. Libbies - they're so craven, and so injurious, it's almost hard to contemplate. Sad. Vote, and vote RIGHT, in November! - Snark
Play the racism card, as always! - Snark
Would that be in the trunk of "Senator" Al Franken's car? - Snark
Yes. It confirms that libbies are racist. After all, once the libbies' insistence upon Jim Crow was broken, libbies moved to insisting that blacks and other minorities simply cannot compete on an even playing field. Most recently, libbies are in a sweat because they're convinced that blacks aren't smart enough to get free government issued photo ID cards. Sad. Sad to be a racist libbie. Sad. Vote, and vote RIGHT, in November! - Snark
Yep. Nothing says "I love you" in a committed relationship like deliberately killing an unborn child. Well done, libbies, well done!
Listening to the video clip - even the Clinton News Network has come to admit the calamity that is ObozoCare. Did you catch her statement that " of Obozo's main objectives is to see that the Democrats hold on to control of the Senate?" It was not long ago that Obozo was beating his (very narrow) chest about how certain he was San Fran Nan Pelosi would soon again be in charge of the House. Looks like libbie socialist nirvana fantasy has collided with reality - as it always does - and the libbies are choking on it! Vote, and Vote RIGHT, in November! - Snark
Um.....yep. - Snark
Of course, said libbie shill lacks the intellect required to properly spell "dying," so we know he's not too bright - but, then, he's a libbie shill, so that hardly constitutes a discovery worthy of note. - Snark
Hey! A libbie shill decrying "social engineering projects!" Wow! Maybe we are moving "Forward!" - Snark
Um....the great majority of individuals who lacked health insurance PRE-ObozoCare will also lack health insurance POST-ObozoCare, as those who've taken the time to inform themselves already know. The major change that ObozoCare has brought is an increase in costs, a narrowing of choice, harm to the job market, a retardation of economic growth, and yet further redistribution from the productive to the non-productive. To mindless libbie shills, that's "progress" and "more humane." To thinking adults, that's "lawless disaster." Vote, and Vote RIGHT in 2014! - Snark
Perfect - as a libbie, no one can reasonably expect the new ambassador to be competent, or knowledgeable. Thus, he's a perfect representative for the inept, failed, flailing, lawless Obozo Administration. Perfect! - Snark
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