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Attack Of The Mutants

Snarkasterous1 Wrote: Nov 30, 2014 1:40 PM
I agree. Liberals care about people - to the extent that they can use, and manipulate, those people for their own craven, self-serving ends. Liberals, through their policies, have utterly destroyed the nuclear family among black Americans. NOTE: Current illegitimacy rate among blacks, which began rising upon LBJ's commencement of "the war on poverty," is over 70%, VASTLY higher than for any other group in America. NOTE, also, that LBJ stated he "have them - unacceptable word - voting democrat for 200 years." He's ~ 1/4 of the way there, and been proven right. Yep, libbies care about people - as long as they're useful to libbies' efforts to create a socialist nirvana - led by the libbie elite, of course.
LIbbie women ARE, in general, hideously ugly.....that's why so many of them endlessly whine about how "evil" men are, and about the "power of patriarchy." It's because they're ugly. Sadly, their apparent response to being unattractive is to be unattractive on the inside, too.... - Snark
Recall how, after the libbies lost control of the House, that Obozo committed to a "laser focus" upon restoring Pelosi to the Speaker's role? Of course, that followed prior Obozo commitments of "Laser Focus" upon: employment, shovel-ready jobs, incomes, closing Guantanamo, income inequality, immigration, and several other things that got NO ATTENTION AT ALL during Obozo's first six years in office. Fascinating how we've gone from Obozo confidently declaring "you've got me" as a means of bucking up disconsolate libbies in advance of the 2010 election to his being hidden, like the embarrassing family lecher, in the 2014 election. Too funny. Obozo is an abject, flailing failure. He HAS done tremendous damage to the libbies, though, which is a GREAT thing for America. - Snark
Gosh, so "pubs" will "loose?" Are you sure? Are you sure that "tards" won't "tight" instead? When you're able to communicate in properly constructed, complete sentences, be sure to alert those around you. Take your time. - Snark
The best way to begin reversing the ills in America (which has been, and remains, a beacon of freedom throughout the world - as evidenced by the MILLIONS who strive to get here, legally or illegally) - is to reverse the socialism of today's libbie party. Libbies have destroyed the work ethic, and destroyed the black nuclear family, and have spent the nation into absurd debt, and have thrown away our victories in Iraq and Afghanistan, and have subverted the U.S. Constitution, and have lied to the public (see: ObozoCare), and have politicized the IRS, DOJ, and DOD..... Yep, it's no longer time of Alexis de Tocqueville, that's true. Libbies have done HUGE damage since then. - Snark
My thoughts exactly. One doesn't call attention to an utterly mindless temper why call any attention to the mindless imbecility of "libbie chick"? - Snark
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A Magic Pen And An Empty Suit

Snarkasterous1 Wrote: Nov 23, 2014 10:39 AM
Precisely. In the real world, as opposed to that inhabited by Obozo and his libbie enablers, the VAST MAJORITY of those in this country illegally - who, BTW, have on average a 9th grade education - will be HUGE net TAKERS from the nation's social welfare programs. The fantasy of them "paying taxes" is on a par with the libbies' endless plaint about how "the rich" - undefined, natch, "aren't paying their fair share" - undefined, natch, despite the FACT that the top 10% of earners in this country pay SEVENTY PERCENT of income taxes in this country. In short, Obozo's entire speech, and his unconstitutional executive action, are all about politics and the petulant response of a wildly narcissistic, arrogant socialist who just got rejected, profoundly rejected, by the American voters. - Snark
Clearly, an Obozo Voter. This is precisely what LBJ had in mind when he stated that he'd "Have them Democrat." Take a good, close look at the socialist utopia, America. There it is. - Snark
Gosh - ObozoCare, which all thinking adults recognized was unworkable as advertised, and was being sold on a raft of lies..... ...turns out to be unworkable as advertised and sold on a raft of lies! Only ignorant libbies even pretend to be surprised. Sad. Sad to be a libbie ( i.e., a liar or an imbecile, or both). - Snark
Too funny - Americans (belatedly) reject, emphatically and definitively, the injurious hard-left socialism of the Obozo Admin, and libbies conclude... ....they need "retool their message." Well, with all the tools populating the libbie ranks, they're certainly well staffed for "retooling." - Snark
Libbies, upon losing, inevitably find a powerful need for cooperation, and for bipartisanship, and for collaboration.......all things utterly lacking, and un valued, while those same libbies were in power. Kiss off, I say! - Snark
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