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In other words, as a libbie union supporter, you're only willing to insist that OTHERS pay "their fair share." Thanks for providing a(nother) example of the self-serving hypocrisy of libbies and union supporters. - Snark
Well, of course Hillary had no substantive accomplishments as Secretary of State - that's patently true. Not even libbie shills have been able to proffer a meaningful example of accomplishment. Of course, Obozo had no substantive accomplishments as a U.S. Senator.....and had no substantive accomplishments as an Illinois State Senator. Neither, of course, did he publish anything at all in his several-month stint as editor of the Harvard Law Review. Of course, we can't comment on his academic accomplishments, as he's found it necessary to protect those as if they're of national security import. Anyone care to posit a guess what those marks might indicate? In short, an utter lack of accomplishment appears to be a BIG POSITIVE for libbie politicians. Perhaps it reduces jealousy among the libbie ranks, filled as they are with low-performing, low-intellect nonentities like Joe Biden. - Snark
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Will Obamacare Cost You Your Job?

Snarkasterous1 Wrote: Jul 26, 2014 4:58 PM
This just in: Socialism doesn't work! Thanks, Obozo and Crew, for yet ANOTHER demonstration of the idiocy of socialism. Vote, and vote RIGHT, in November.
The only challenge I'll offer up is that sifting through Roy's comments, any number of which are viable candidates as" the most out-of-touch, clueless statements ever posted on TH," is an extensive undertaking. The man's prolific in his ignorance. - Snark mean Hillary's "Miles Flown" as a measure of achievement as Secretary of State really ISN'T all that impressive? You mean Obozo's COMPLETE ABSENCE of significant legislative accomplishments as a state, and as a U.S., Senator, really AREN'T all that impressive? You mean Obozo's COMPLETE LACK of executive leadership experience - before he was elected by the young, minorities, and the entitlement class to the most consequential executive position on the globe, that is - really ISN'T all that impressive? Wow......who knew? - Snark
Completely untrue, but, then, it's a libbie's no surprise there... - Snark
A powerful list; very impactful way of highlighting the inherent hypocrisy in libbie-land these days. My own brother, a hard-left ideologue, bragged to me about not paying taxes on his internet poker winnings, or on the thousands of dollars he made breeding and selling thoroughbred puppies....all the while bleating about how....wait for it....."The rich don't pay their fair share." Sadly, it appears that items #9 and #20 perfectly describe my libbie brother. - Snark
The nation would be better off - FAR better off - were a glad bag of refuse propped up in the chair in the Oval office rather than Obozo's narrow behind. - Snark
This is in no way merely indicates that the Obozo Admin, including the DofJ, is as clueless, and as untruthful, as is Obozo himself. No news here, folks....move on along.... - Snark
It took YEARS for the lapdog media to finally awaken to Jay Carney's endless, patent, risible prevarications, and to at least make a pretense of calling him on them. FINALLY, the utter absurdity of Carney's paid-for lies about the Benghazi debacle eroded his credibility, even among the "journalists" predisposed to swallow, unquestioningly, his laughable howlers in defense of a failed, lawless, wildly-flailing administration. It appears that Carney's successor as "Paid Prevaricator" is hastening to erode his credibility at a far greater rate. I do appreciate his repetition of the Obozo Admin's "...most transparent administration in history" meme, though. I'm not sure just what to call something MORE absurd than a "howler," but that claim most certainly qualifies. It was good for a tremendous belly laugh. - Snark
Nurse Zero wrote: "Comparing Clinton's book to Pavlich's is like comparing a grade school essay to Hemingway." I think the Nurse is being a bit unfair to Shrillery - her book, while widely panned as boring, too long, and "misleading" to put it very kindly- is more of a high-school essay than a grade school essay. Glad to be able to clarify that. - Snark
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