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This is in no way merely indicates that the Obozo Admin, including the DofJ, is as clueless, and as untruthful, as is Obozo himself. No news here, folks....move on along.... - Snark
It took YEARS for the lapdog media to finally awaken to Jay Carney's endless, patent, risible prevarications, and to at least make a pretense of calling him on them. FINALLY, the utter absurdity of Carney's paid-for lies about the Benghazi debacle eroded his credibility, even among the "journalists" predisposed to swallow, unquestioningly, his laughable howlers in defense of a failed, lawless, wildly-flailing administration. It appears that Carney's successor as "Paid Prevaricator" is hastening to erode his credibility at a far greater rate. I do appreciate his repetition of the Obozo Admin's "...most transparent administration in history" meme, though. I'm not sure just what to call something MORE absurd than a "howler," but that claim most certainly qualifies. It was good for a tremendous belly laugh. - Snark
Nurse Zero wrote: "Comparing Clinton's book to Pavlich's is like comparing a grade school essay to Hemingway." I think the Nurse is being a bit unfair to Shrillery - her book, while widely panned as boring, too long, and "misleading" to put it very kindly- is more of a high-school essay than a grade school essay. Glad to be able to clarify that. - Snark
I'll bet he's lonely...he's all by himself in the porcelain bowl. I suggest we hit the lever and flush him away....
This, from the article: "Like many Democrats before him, Obama sold victimhood as empowerment for votes by scaring women into thinking government is the answer to their problems and that they probably can’t survive without it." True. And sad. It's sad to be a libbie. Sad. - Snark
So this baby seal walked into a club...... ; -) - Snark
It's hilarious - truly - to observe frantic, hysterical, prevaricating libbies run hither and yon, screeching about Republicans "holding women down," and "intrusion of the uterus," and "denial of access to health care," and other patent absurdities. Translation of the real world for mindless libbies: Your inability to trample the religious rights of a relative handful of business owners by forcing them to pay for abortifactants is in NO WAY WHATSOEVER a "Denial of Access" to anything. Here's a clue for the entitlement class, endlessly aggrieved about their inability to force others to pay for their every desire: If you want goods or services, you should anticipate paying for them yourself. Wow! What a concept! Self-reliance, independence, and liberty! One wonders whether a country has ever been founded upon such principles..... - Snark
Well, let's see: Hard left libbies, minorities, and the entitlement class elected the Nation's First Affirmative Action President - who, like many - if not most - affirmative action hires, turned out to be utterly incompetent, unqualified, and a poor performer. And, concurrently, the nation's trust and confidence in government has eroded. If only libbies were able to connect their actions with the consequences of their actions. Alas, such has never been the case.... - Snark
Agreed. On the other hand, we can all agree upon the meaning of "hypocrite," and that's applicable to BOTH Shrillery and Slick Willie. - Snark
Right. No doubt, they've been reduced to having the chauffeur put low-octane gasoline in the limos used to shuttle them to and from their multiple multi-million dollar homes. Tough sledding for these two self-serving, hypocritical, aging liberal fraudsters. - Snark
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