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All of this flailing about regarding the decades-long abject failure of public education in the United States is just absurd. The steps necessary to make substantial - arguably dramatic - improvement are clear: 1) Enable and support charter schools 2) Break the power of the teachers' unions - they do HUGE harm; can't fire incompetents, must layoff by seniority, can't reward success, can't accurately measure performance There. That's it. Do just those two things, and very large improvement will result. Period. All this blather about Common Core is just libbies' attempt to distract and deflect from their DECADES of failure. - Snark
Regarding this excerpt, from the article: "The middle class understands the truth— Obamacare isn’t helping us. Obamacare is our enemy. We now know Obama committed fraud when he said “If you like your insurance, you can keep it.” We know he lied when he said our prices would go down. We know he lied when he said our quality of care would not go down. We know he lied when he said we could keep our current doctors. We know he lied when he said Obamacare would help the economy. We know he lied when he said it wouldn’t kill jobs. We now know that Obamacare is the death of our middle class quality of life. But that was the plan all along. It was never about improving healthcare. It was always about income redistribution to shift the cost to the middle class. It was always about making the middle class poor and dependent on government." Every statement in this snippet is demonstrably true.....except for the first six words. That remains to be seen. Vote, and vote RIGHT, in November. - Snark
The thing that you libbies should be unable to take pride in is your advocacy for socialism, your fomenting of class envy, your worsening of race relations, your party's close affiliation with the KKK of yore, your reliance upon identity politics, your promotion of welfare and other social policies which have UTTERLY DESTROYED the black nuclear family, harming tens of millions, your incestuous, money-based support of public sector unions, and of legal parasites, etc., etc. Yep, you've many, MANY things to NOT be proud of. Go ahead - be disgusted by the messes you make. - Snark
Let's review: The young, hard-left ideologues, the entitlement class, and minorities TWICE elected an utter nonentity, an Affirmative Action hire with ZERO prior executive experience to the most consequential executive leadership position on the planet. That Affirmative Action hire has proven to be utterly unqualified, ineffective, incapable of working within the system, and, predictably, a strong advocate of class warfare, envy, socialism, unionism, regulatory control, and bureaucracy. Thinking adults are not at all surprised. Libbies, on the other hand, are merely "Ready for Hillary." After all, having selected an abject failure, twice, on the basis of his skin color, why not move "forward" by making ANOTHER horrible decision based upon gender. Go, libbies, go! Hasten toward the nation's demise. Well done! - Snark
Is it that Obozo is shrinking, or is Michele getting bigger? Could it be both? - Snark
On a brighter note, given the First Lady's "signature issue" of nutrition and obesity, we can be assured that Obozo, with his third-grade mentality, is getting much more frequent servings of broccoli, and asparagus, and other veggies, with his goobermint-subsidized school lunch. Of course, like scores of millions of other schoolchildren, he's simply throwing all those veggies into the trash - but, hey! It's really not about producing a real world result, it's about libbies, using the earnings that the goobermint extracts from the productive, to feel really, REALLY good, and nuanced, about themselves. - Snark
Well, "folks," this is what often happens with affirmative action hires, like Obozo: You get an individual unqualified, incapable, and, often, simply unwilling to do the job at hand. Like Obozo, many of those promoted - due primarily to libbie white guilt and as "recompense" for something that is utterly unconnected to the lives of those involved and affected by affirmative action today - are so conditioned to seeing their own failures as the result of something done by "someone else" that they're just incapable of intellectually honest self introspection. Thus, Obozo prattling about GWB, and Congress, and Republicans, and Conservatives, and Jan Brewer, and on and on and on..... ...while, domestically, his "signature legislative accomplishment" is an abject, injurious failure. (Not to mention its unconstitutionality, and the fact that it will be ultimately dismantled for that reason.) ....and while, internationally, the utter absence of a foreign policy, and Obozo's anxious rush to diminish American leadership worldwide, has left the world, in the words of that wild-eyed right-wing radical, Madeline Albright, "a mess." Yep, we're seeing what affirmative action produces. Take a close look. - Snark
Yep, Bawney played a very significant role in the housing bubble, and the subsequent meltdown and financial crisis. This is simply a fact, though libbies, and the media (to repeat myself) have managed to cover Bawney's hard-ridden behind on this matter. - Snark
I take it you're not a fan of Bawney's? ; -) - Snark
As soon as Good ol' Bawney comes clean on the enormous culpability he, personally, bears for the role of Goobermint Feel-Good by Enabling Everyone to Buy Homes Well Beyond their Financial Resources (check out Fwank's "I want to roll the dice a bit more" video with regard to federal housing and mortgage policy), THEN he'll have at least a shred of credibility. ....oh, and might as well come clean about his lover running a prostitution ring in his Washington, D.C., home, too. - Snark
Can you imagine being the WH Press Secretary for the Obozo Administration? Literally, the job consists of nothing more - NOTHING MORE - than prevaricating, dissembling, deflecting, misleading, and talking out of, shall we say, an "alternative orifice." Sad. Sad to be a libbie. Sad that we're all suffering through the Nation's First Affirmative Action President's abject ineptitude and socialist ideology. Sad. Vote, and vote RIGHT, in November! - Snark
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