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This from the article: "This law is an empirical failure by any reasonable standard, and one political party is exclusively responsible for it." Precisely. And that's why, come November, the libbies will suffer their second epic midterm beatdown in four years. Vote, and vote RIGHT, in November! - Snark
Absolutely HILARIOUS that Obozo runs about claiming that the libbies' epic, worst in 70+years beat down in the 2010 midterms was the result of the party "not paying attention." What a hoot! The epic beatdown was the result of the American public seeing the result of two years of unt Adulterated liberalism - and viscerally rejecting that program. The albatross of ObozoCare will lead to another epic midterm beatdown in November. - Snark
Well said, Gov. Haley! - Snark
Good thing these racially-motivated attacks are being fully reported, investigated, and prosecuted. Oh, wait....that's only the case in the one instance where the perpetrator was a white man, and the victim black. Thanks, Holder, of "I don't see no New Black Panthers with nightsticks at the polling place" fame, for your unbiased enforcement of the nation's laws! Vote, and vote RIGHT, in November! - Snark
So the hard-left ideologues of the Obozo Admin are now concerned about "diversity of voices" in the media. These are the same ponces who endlessly disparage Fox News because it doesn't actively shill for socialist nonsense, as do MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NYT, LA Times, Boston Globe, and on and on. But now, Obozo & Crew are deeply worried about a "lack of diversity in media voices." What a hoot! It's astonishing what libbies are able to say with a straight face. As was said about Slick Willie when he was caught red-handed lying directly to the American people, and was subsequently disbarred for his perjury in the matter: "He's a particularly good liar." That holds true for libbies in general. Sad. Sad to be a lying libbie. Vote, and vote RIGHT, in November!
A VERY well-written column. This, in particular, resonated with me: "So much of modern liberalism is oriented around teaching people to see themselves as victims, to be dependent on government and to nurse a sense of grievance against the rest of society. You don't become a champion on welfare. If you're waiting for the government to solve your problems, you're going to be waiting a long time. Happy, successful people don't ramble on about imaginary "micro aggressions," "white privilege," and "being held down by the patriarchy." So true. Vote, and vote RIGHT in November!
Yeah, but just consider the dialogue Wofatt created - he responded to his own prattle....twice!
Obozo, who's added debt at a rate VASTLY GREATER than that of any prior President, seeks to "end the era of austerity" - BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA....pauses, wipes away tears of mirth......BWA HA HA HA HAH HA..... Even for a libbie, that's a gargantuan lie. Thanks for the knee-slapper, though, courtesy of the Nation's First Affirmative Action President!
This, about the article's simpering libbie: "He also argued the work place for women in 2014 is just as hostile as is was in 1960, which is completely false." Libbies, in order to create support for their mindless "turn over every aspect of your life to libbie geniuses running the goobermint" policies, make the most patently absurd claims. Yep, Alan, the workplace in 2014 is "just like it was in the 1960s." Any actually SENTIENT adult Americans believe that to be true? Sad. Sad to be a fantasist libbie. Vote, and vote RIGHT, in November! - Snark
Unions had the field to themselves for decades in the "Contribute hundreds of millions of dollars of members' monies, almost entirely to libbie politicians," sweepstakes. Libbies are shocked -SHOCKED at the idea that following the COTUS' CORRECT decision in "Citizens United," corporations can participate in the election process just as unions have for decades. Libbies just KNOW that allow a corporation, which is an organization of many led by a few, to participate in elections is pure, unadulterated evil. On the other hand, unions, which are organizations of many led by a few, participating in elections is "totally different" in libbies eyes. Could that be because unions are almost 100% in the pocket of libbie politiians?'s a PRINCIPLED position by libbies, who are DEEPLY CONCERNED with the integrity of the election know, as demonstrated by their shrill opposition to OBVIOUS reforms like requirement of picture ID to vote. Libbies - they're so craven, and so injurious, it's almost hard to contemplate. Sad. Vote, and vote RIGHT, in November! - Snark
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