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Ah, the mentality of libbies in clear view: "We're excluding you because we assume that the place that you work isn't inclusive." Um.....got it. You can't make this stuff up; one has to be a libbie to actually BE that imbecilic.
As the libbie fantasy of "apocalyptic climate change" becomes more and more evidently a chimera, libbies become more and more shrill about just how awful things "will be" - you know, if the 15+ year "pause" in warming ends. Lately we've been informed that climate change adds to, of all things, inequality. Who knew, other than libbies? A nice job of weaving together multiple libbie socialist utopian fantasies, though.... - Snark
ObozoCare will be seen, twenty years hence, as having marked the high-water point of liberalism in America. The absurd overreach, and the epic, cataclysmic failure, of this injurious law, written, passed, and supported solely by libbies, marks the "turning of the tide." In this way (and in this way alone) Obozo will come to be viewed as a consequential president; he'll always be remembered as the president that stopped the advance of progressivism, and who demonstrated, even to those afflicted with white guilt, that affirmative action produces hugely suboptimal results. Well done, Obozo, well done!
Clearly, by seeking to restrict the franchise to those legally eligible to vote, the author reveals a virulent streak of racism.
Oh, for God's sake! Is there nothing - quite literally nothing - which libbies find beyond their scope of control? Go ahead, save us all from the horror - the HORROR - of the word "bossy." Clearly, use of that word has crippled scores of millions of otherwise capable and productive American women. Where does the absurdity of liberalism end? Does such an end even exist? - Snark
This from the article: "This law is an empirical failure by any reasonable standard, and one political party is exclusively responsible for it." Precisely. And that's why, come November, the libbies will suffer their second epic midterm beatdown in four years. Vote, and vote RIGHT, in November! - Snark
Absolutely HILARIOUS that Obozo runs about claiming that the libbies' epic, worst in 70+years beat down in the 2010 midterms was the result of the party "not paying attention." What a hoot! The epic beatdown was the result of the American public seeing the result of two years of unt Adulterated liberalism - and viscerally rejecting that program. The albatross of ObozoCare will lead to another epic midterm beatdown in November. - Snark
Well said, Gov. Haley! - Snark
Good thing these racially-motivated attacks are being fully reported, investigated, and prosecuted. Oh, wait....that's only the case in the one instance where the perpetrator was a white man, and the victim black. Thanks, Holder, of "I don't see no New Black Panthers with nightsticks at the polling place" fame, for your unbiased enforcement of the nation's laws! Vote, and vote RIGHT, in November! - Snark
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