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Au Revoir, Mr. President

Snarkasterous1 Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 7:44 PM
NP- Although, like liberals everywhere, you've posted a fact-free, mindless repetition of leftist shill nonsense, I will take the the school you a bit. Remember JFK? Are you oblivious to the settled fact of Joe Kennedy's purchase of JFK's election? Remember LBJ? Are you oblivous to the settled fact of LBJ's filthy election frauds? Every hear of Robert Caro, the definitive biographer of LBJ? Familiar with Bloated Al Gore's attempt to snuff out military absentee votes in his craven, endless "recount until I win" efforts in Florida? Familiar with Fat, Ugly Al Franken and the fraudulent theft of a U.S. Senate seat from Norm Coleman? No? Thought not. Ignorant libbie ponce.
Reviewing the last few months of this tumultuous presidential campaign, I see the debates as having a wondrous salience. The first was the most momentous since Nixon vs. Kennedy, though that 1960 confrontation was mostly a matter of cosmetics. Listening to it on radio, many in the audience came away thinking that the participant with the five-o'clock shadow had won. That would have been Richard Nixon.

In debate this time around, Mitt Romney hammered Barack Obama mercilessly. Under the ongoing assault Obama's knees buckled and he repeatedly looked glassy-eyed. If the contest were a prizefight, the referee would have stepped...