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Mac, so not rational.
Since before I married her. That's why I did.
Another prediction like Romney winning?
Never pay the same? Oh there are ways but I'd prefer they paid more, much more. We all it Progressive Taxation.
Oh, Captain America graces us with his presence.
Just keep lying to yourself. That's why you lost.
I'm married and she sleeps around. The wife would not approve.
He's an idiot. Hey drifter, learn something about Capitalism today. What's the percentage of new businesses that don't make it? And what is Creative Destruction?
You must have missed all the Liberals are Traitors talk from the GOPers then? And Bush said Islam was a Religion of Peace? I'm not sure I'd look to his opinions.
No one believes that taxing the rich will fix this. We just want them to pay the same as the kid behind the counter at Burger King.
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