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Alma is beyond ignorant. Uncle Tom was black.
Winter's coming....and it seems there's a study that shows Ebola can survive on solid surfaces for up to FIFTY days when the temperature is low...
And what is required to prove citizenship? A driver's license and an electric bill.....
I suggest a new law. Any non-citizen who votes is subject to confiscation of his property, 3 years in jail, and permanent expulsion from the US (with never a possibility for a green card, citizenship or a tourist visa) regardless of how many children or wives or relatives he might have in the country.
So THIS is why the IRS is collecting enormous amounts of money.
Did she eat what Christie is passing on?
Long plane ride from NYC to Washington state, 6 or 7 hours. Please announce to the flying public which flight Nurse Hickox will be on.
Fauci said that if medical professionals are not allowed to come home and return to work they will be reluctant to go to Africa at all....Well, I can understand they might then choose not to volunteer - but honestly no one knows whether they are contagious only AFTER a fever - or even what a fever is. Dr. Spencer was not feeling well for 24-36 hours before he recorded a temperature over 100...was he contagious from the moment he was feeling lethargic? These volunteers don't return to jobs in gas stations or painting houses...they go back to work in hospitals and doctors' offices; they deal with people who are already sick and, one assumes, more susceptible to germs.
Odd...that Dr. Sacra...has he donated plasma to any of the currently sick? Dr. Brantley must have been bled dry...
How many illegals are collecting social security?
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