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The Stossel Solution

SMyles Wrote: Jul 12, 2012 3:38 PM
I disagree. So called "Independents" are, for the most part, democrats or republicans that make themselves feel smarter by calling themselves Independent. The true Independents have already chosen their ideology and the party that best represents that ideology. All the blather about independents by the MSM is nonsense for the most part. Who they're really talking about are all of the folks that have had it with their party but hold their nose and pull the lever........again and again and again..

In order to get the correct answer to anything, one must ask the right question. That is what former ABC News and current Fox News TV host John Stossel does on his weekly program. If ever there was "must see-TV," this is it.

Stossel's show on Saturday, June 30 was a classic. It was called "Government, Incorporated" and focused on what private industry can do less expensively and more efficiently than government. After watching it, I wondered why this isn't happening. Why does inefficient, costly and unresponsive government continue to grow while the people and companies that could do the work...