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Republicans Must Show Support for Hispanic Dreams

SMyles Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 3:40 PM
So how does the Hispanic dream differ from the American dream?
SMyles Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 4:34 PM
thx for digging this thread into a deep hole magnetar.
magnetar Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 4:10 PM
hispanic dream is to come to US squeeze a baby or 8 of them out, work under the table, receive food stamps health care and housing vouchers and then to turn thir new country into the $hithole that they just left...with dreams of turning GRINGO brown interspersing their DUI escapades
SMyles Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 3:51 PM
True. But shouldn't ideals individual liberty and freedom be a dream that is consistent in all individuals regardless of race etc. That's why I don't understand when you say you agree with Barone.
texas58 Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 3:45 PM
Good question as is what does it mean to even classify a dream as "hispanic" or "American". Every individual's dream will be unique to that individual.
Rarely does a political party issue a document so scathingly critical of itself and its most recent presidential nominee as the report of the five-member Growth and Opportunity Project of the Republican National Committee.

It refers to Mitt Romney on occasion as "our presidential nominee" and notes disapprovingly of his reference, in the debate about immigration, to "self-deportation."

And while the report states modestly, "We are not a policy committee," it does call for a policy -- "comprehensive immigration reform" -- that many, perhaps most, Republican members of Congress oppose.

I think there's some risk here for the Republican National Committee....