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Paul Ryan: Mitt Romney's Line in the Sand

SMyles Wrote: Aug 14, 2012 12:15 PM
No. I'm just surprised that Ran's voting record (evidence) is considered conservative. I give Ryan credit for coming up with a comprehensive budget plan which would be better than what we have today. But even his plan takes about thirty year's to balance the fed. budget. 30 YEARS! And that on some optimistic assumptions. (Evidence) Do I need to spell it out more for ya 44th?
Mitt Romney has outdone himself in choosing Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate. The conservative base is ecstatic, and that will translate into voter intensity and high turnout.

Our country faces an unprecedented debt crisis, primarily driven by our entitlement programs. We have more than $100 trillion of unfunded liabilities -- a staggering, incomprehensible number -- and we are on a collision course with national bankruptcy.

Obama has offered no solutions; his Democratic majority in the Senate has failed to produce a budget in 1,200 days; and they have both obstructed the Republicans' proposed remedies. It's...