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Missing Republicans -- Found!

SMyles Wrote: Mar 27, 2013 9:43 AM
Although I always flag spammers, I find this post no less useless than Medved's column. Why does anyone care that this "former" democrat calls himself a conservative. Better question. Who pays for him to write this nonsense?

On talk radio, in internet commentary and at right wing conferences, worried analysts and activists obsess over the dire electoral consequence of "three million missing Republicans" who doomed conservative chances in 2012.

This lament for the lost legions of conservatism has been relentlessly recycled in right-leaning media to prove that Mitt Romney failed to mobilize his base with his inept, uninspired campaign. The commonly cited proof for this conclusion is that Mitt Romney received even fewer votes than did the hapless McCain-Palin ticket. If only the GOP had run with a "true conservative" instead of another flip-flopping RINO, the true-believers...