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Up Next: A Health Insurance Company Bailout?

smokindave Wrote: Nov 18, 2013 11:24 PM
Goodness, where do you live? No one dies at any door. No hospital in my state denies service to anyone-insured or not. The "cost" wouldn't be pushed off the insurance company-because there's no liability on their part. The cost is borne by the facility providing the treatment, if payment cannot be obtained from the patient. In our state, the vast majority of uninsured are illegals, or young people who didn't want to pay for it. Most with pre-existing conditions actually had coverage either thru private insurance-which they liked-or through the state high risk pool. That pool will cease operation as of Dec 31 due to the ACA-and those patients that have received premiums report anywhere from 30-50% higher premiums through Obamacare. So now the question begs to be asked-what do these people do when they can't afford Obamacare?