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Self-Proclaimed Union Thug Vinny Castaldo Wants to Beat Me Up

smokindave Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 11:43 PM
Perhaps union thug "Vinnie" went to public schools where he was taught English by union teachers-it's "steal" Vinnie, not "still". Steal would be to take something that doesn't belong to you. Still would be to be motionless, or perhaps a vessel to distill your own liquor. Ah, the successes of the union paradigm. Oh, and by the way Vinnie-only a moron Leftist would bring fists to a gunfight.

Perhaps it was the radio segment that I did this week asking for comments and feedback about unions. I asked on the air for people who were union members to call our listener line at 202-681-1732 or email us at

I was looking for comments about the good and bad that goes along with being represented by unions.

Still looking for comments, and now want them even if you don't have a union.  

Personally I think unions are outdated relics of an age that belong more to Stalin than to Dickens.

Or maybe it was the Facebook picture I posted...