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Is School Choice a Good Investment?

smokindave Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 2:10 PM
I would agree-that's the whole point. If the private schools are asking more from the student-in work and performance-they should be able to set a standard for the student they take. We see that right now in public schools-many have academies, or special programs for those that perform at a higher level. In the words of this President "It's only fair".

Yes, it is. In fact, according to a new study conducted by two distinguished education scholars in the District of Columbia, school choice bolsters public high school graduation rates, reduces crime, and even creates new taxpayers:

The District of Columbia Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP) produced $2.62 in benefits for every dollar spent on it. In other words, the return on public investment for the private-school voucher program during its early years was 162 percent. …

In our study we combined the increased-graduation results from the rigorous government evaluation with the work of labor, health, and public-policy economists who have...