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A saw an MLB player catch a 97 mph fastball in the eye this season. His injuries were consistent with those of Officer Wilson. Difference-the fastball only hits once. I can see how that type of injury would lead one to believe they are in a life-threatening situation.
Ridiculous is a US Representative who thinks Neil Armstrong planted the US flag...on Mars. Ridiculous is a US Senator so well informed that she praises the job of director of Freddie Mac and gives him a bonus-right before it collapses and he is indicted. Ridiculous is a US Representative calling for the President to institute Marshal Law due to a protest. What do these ridiculous officials all have in common? They are all elected black Democrats. I'll take the pageant winner any day.
That's all well and good, but since ISIS has declared jihad on the US, wouldn't this fall under the category of a war crime?
They are accusing him of threatening to use a power he has as Governor to do something he also has the power to do-as Governor. It's totally ridiculous.
He's "confident" the US government will bring these guys to justice. The US had half these "savages" in custody and let them go. Hey, we've got good people at the FBI, just as we do at Border Patrol-but they don't make the decisions on what the US government does or does not do. I fear his confidence is misplaced. When is the last time we brought anyone to justice?
And yet she, and her misguided, will continue to rail against the 1%-never admitting or course, that it is THEM. People without two nickels to rub together will tear up when she looks their way, and actually believe the garbage about feeling their pain (we were broke!), or believe she actually WILL be there for that 3 a.m phone call (conveniently ignoring the fact that she WASN'T there for the last one). Politicians-especially-Dems, tend to design their campaigns around 1 assumption-the people are stupid. It would appear that this is correct.
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The Consequence of Unaccountability

smokindave Wrote: Aug 18, 2014 12:56 PM
We can only hope. I have zero trust in the Fed-nor the DNC-(is there really a difference right now?), and only hope enough voters see through the haze.
Really now, does anyone take the UN seriously anymore? The last time they did anything of consequence was twenty years ago-and it took a genocide to get them to act then too. Waste of time and money.
I guarantee they all do.
Interesting their obsession with the Koch brothers since I read where lefty Tom Steyer is now the single largest source of political donations. I suppose what's good for the proverbial goose-at least for Democrats-is NOT good for the gander.
Interesting that the Egyptian government-the one we DIDN'T endorse (and overthrew the one we DID), is the player actually most adept at brokering a cease fire. Really makes our foreign policy-and its players-look a bit out of touch (nice way of saying wrong).
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