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FBI Interviewed Dead Bombing Suspect Two Years Ago

smoki Wrote: Apr 21, 2013 9:00 AM
Oops! This was the same FBI that found nothing in Benghazi that would refute the official position that the attack was caused by an obscure YouTube video......THAT after the official position faded into obscurity. This FBI has obviously lost its way. The problem is at the top. Without a J.E.H. type leading with dogged determination to get at the facts before the fact, they will continue to pursue and investigate after the fact. It has become just another useless, bloated and politicized government agency same as the DHS. Sleep well America and why not, your federal government does, especially its Justice Department so everything must be under control...right? And that while the WH and DOJ is running guns to Mexico and Syria...!!!

It was a jubilant scene in Watertown last night after authorities finally captured Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and took him into custody. But at the press conference afterward, US Attorney Miranda Ortiz stressed that this isn’t the end. "Although for some of you tonight is a closure, for me the journey continues. And so this will continue to be an ongoing and active investigation as we sort all the details, continue to evaluate a tremendous amount of evidence and file our formal charges,” she said. But as the investigation moves forward, attention will also be shifted to the holes in our system...