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LIVE OPEN THREAD: The Final Debate

Smitty41inPB Wrote: Oct 22, 2012 9:55 PM
with close to 20 embassies being protested severral violently and the al queada flag being hoisted over many and our flags on fire, why Mr President when you were at the UN didn't meet with those leaders and tell them they had better start protecting our soverign land and our people or else? Why did you run off to a fundraiser?

Round three: Barack Obama v. Mitt Romney.  Tonight, non-stop foreign policy for 90 minutes.  Enough to hold American voters' attention, even in a economy-focused election year?  And in direct competition with Monday Night Football and game seven of the NLCS?  We shall see, but my suspicion is that tonight can only be a game-changer if one of two things happens: (1) Romney soundly defeats Obama -- which could prove a fatal blow to the president's re-election prospects -- or (2) Romney gaffes royally, raising questions about his suitability to be Commander-in-Chief.  The Republican nominee needs to show himself to...