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General Running Afghanistan Was Having Email "Phone Sex" With Socialite

Smitty41inPB Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 9:49 AM
this is the true problem with gov't these days, over meddlesome bureaucatic and financially unrestrained incompetence. I know when i'm banging the help I like to whisper all the illegal things i'm doing, especially knowing that person likes to write books for public consumption. Patreaus said he wasn't planning to resign, but did, so that means his boss obama demanded it. Why is the question? Benghazi is the issue, it is the high wire act, this stuff is the clowns running around on the sides of the tent. on a side note, what heck does this jezabel kelly got that she has generals and fbi personnel commiting seppuku just to please her?

General John Allen, the man in charge of running the war in Afghanistan, apparently sent 30,000 emails to Florida socialite Jill Kelley and many of them were inappropriate. Sources have told Fox News the content of those emails was essentially the same thing as digital phone sex.

American commander in Afghanistan Gen. John Allen, facing an internal investigation for "inappropriate communications" with a woman at the heart of the David Petraeus controversy, engaged in much more than "flirtatious" behavior, sources tell Fox News -- with one official even likening the email exchanges to "phone sex."