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Ted Calohan Cruz wins best bikini in key west
-CALOHAN- Wrote: 9 minutes ago (3:37 AM) You are being flagged, faggggg. only a sore sport and loser would say this
calohan, u realize people think I'm u or Jerry, moderate is a way of life nobody considers. If I could be saner nobody would think of me. U make me funnily acceptable. Oh btw Cruz will not be President.
I win, knew id get him to cry uncle first. he fell into lodeass, ur flagged, lol
calohan bet farm on cruz and now that he must give up conservatism to make his bet, he is pizzed
ur sister doesn't fit in mirror, momma does, but she is ugly.
like I thought, clown, an idea of a real school, hey that cute cousin must make a person like u stand up
always a loud mouth, always cringing
as known, loud mouth cringes into corner
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