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Complaints Mount Against Michelle Obama’s New Lunch Menu

smiller919 Wrote: Sep 25, 2012 10:15 PM
I think it shows that we are shocked at the level of ignorance of some of our fellow Americans... I for one had never been on this forum and am shocked at the nature of some of these comments. Who complains that their kids can't have high-fructose corn syrup at school in their food anymore?? Lol.. this issue is not even a blip on Obama's radar. It doesn't even reflect on him. The school lunch program pre-dates him anyway. Doubtful anyone is going to vote for Romney because the USDA took hormones and antibotics, and deep-fried foods out of their kid's school lunch program on Obama's watch. If you think that someone would, you are delusional.
NullifyNow Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 9:06 AM
I'm not shocked at how stupid you are (well it is to be expected). I've told you, what? About a dozen times that this is not about the food being served, but about the ILLEGAL power being exercised by government.

It appears you are a victim of the wholesome foods you advocate and public schools you probably attended because it is clear that no amount of repeated information or facts makes any impression upon your intellectual processes.

It doesn't matter that the school lunch program predates Mrs O'Nazi (you will remember Reagan's ketchup incident was about this program). It is evidence of the lengthy opposition by the right. They have been fighting against it since its inception. So your point is a straw man and a red herring.
Hannah53 Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 1:29 AM
You don't get it. It's none of Michelle Obama's business what kids eat or don't eat. It's that simple.
In Wisconsin, high school athletes are complaining about not getting enough to eat each day, due to the skimpy new school lunch menu mandated by the United States Department of Agriculture and First Lady Michelle Obama.

The story we published earlier this week on that subject is unfortunately not unique. Students across the country are complaining about the new school lunch regulations.

Perhaps the real motive is to starve students into slimming down. Just ask students in Pierre, South Dakota who, too, are in an all-out revolt.

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