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Jake, nothing is wrong with it. It was only wrong when a half black/half white guy became president. It's the black half that kills people the majority of people who come to this forum.
They've been doing it since the govt school lunch program first started in 1946. Why are you just starting to protest this if it really bothers you?
So where were over the past couple of decades? Why do you now complain about a lunch program that's been around since the 40's ? If that's really your problem? Seems like your problem is the First Lady and the President moreso than the actual school lunches.
She didn't get the authority to do anything. She didn't do anything. It was the USDA. Where are you getting your info. She simply helped promote the new menus. Please get your facts straight. Read an accurate article about the matter. Someone from this site already came on here and said their article was misleading. Please get the facts:
And by the way, the USDA were the ones who changed it. She just said as a mother she thinks its a good idea so she promoted it. Her kids don't eat public lunches... you really think she cares? It's just crazy that just because parents would rather pay $1.50 a day for lunch instead of making lunch that a child should eat food filled with fillers not fit for an animal. Just because they used to make things taste good by covering it with grease and sugar doesn't mean your kids were getting anything nutritional out of it. If anything it's better for them to go hungry than eat a processed meat sandwich filled with preservatiives, enriched fake flour bread, high sodium and fillers. People are crazy if they think that was better.
Michelle Obama doesn't have authority over the matter. The USDA school lunch program has been around since 1946. She is just saying, "Hey let's add some nutrition to it." If so many people hate the lunch program then why aren't more people trying to end it? If you read the posts, people who are complaining want the govt lunch program and don't want to pack their kids lunches. They just want it to go back to serving junk which too stupid to even believe.
Nullify, you are changing the subject. Kids who complain they are hungry because they throw away perfectly good nutritious food need to have better home-training. Only the child of a very irresponsible adult would be commended for that kind of behavior. I grew up in the eighties. If you didn't eat your veggies, you didn't get to have a twinkie instead... which is basically what the knuckleheads on this board are saying. And if anyone has a problem with govt lunches, then at least it's a step in the right direction that they are healthier.
Teachers have had to deal with poor performance since the school lunches switched over to processed foods in the late seventies... they are just trying to reverse that. Also it wasn't Michelle Obama who mandated it. Please get your facts straight. If you don't like school lunches, then pack your kids lunch. Simple. If you don't like the govt having a school lunch program then don't get mad that they are trying to make it healthier.. There has a been a govt school lunch program since 1946 why are you blaming Obama for it?
rbilleaud. Michelle Obama didn't impose anything. It was the USDA please read the facts. She simply endorsed it. You can get the facts here:
I meant "know" better.
Actually, high IQ people would no better than to complain about an already existing school lunch program improving the nutritional value of their offerings. No one intelligent thinks thats a bad idea..not even intelligent Republicans who don't care for Obama...only the ignorant ones.
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