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The thing we need to remember is that the left here in Wisconsin has shown that they have no scruples and certainly no conscience. 30,000 invalid signatures on the recall petitions, and that was what they came up with in the short time Republicans had to scrutinize the lists. 30,000! That's way too many to be considered 'accidental'. I remember Christmas shopping while they were 'collecting signatures' and being pressured outside the post office, shopping malls, parking lots; anywhere they could find a public strip of grass (or snow). Funny, though, they weren't 'bombarded' with people lining up for the clipboards, in fact, I rarely saw anyone approach the weirdos. Worried what kind of treachery they'll use to try to win in June.
Here in Wisconsin we are a new 'conceal and carry' state. I'd think some of the 'burners' might be taking a few too many risks, not knowing how many are 'carrying'. The classes have been backed up for months.
Are you talking about photos---or.........
You can put up a sign where you live: Scott Walker: Governor Today, President Tomorrow. Gives us hope, doesn't it?
I was trying to reply to the posts about the Walker signs being torched, but this will do. I want to put a big sign out front: Scott Walker Governor Today President Tomorrow Wonder how long it would take for my car to be splashed with paint or my house or my dogs to be given tainted treats. That's how the left does things in Wisconsin. I still want the sign, though.
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