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Civility: Pro-Scott Walker Signs on Private Property Burned in Wisconsin

SmilingAnyway Wrote: May 17, 2012 2:38 PM
The thing we need to remember is that the left here in Wisconsin has shown that they have no scruples and certainly no conscience. 30,000 invalid signatures on the recall petitions, and that was what they came up with in the short time Republicans had to scrutinize the lists. 30,000! That's way too many to be considered 'accidental'. I remember Christmas shopping while they were 'collecting signatures' and being pressured outside the post office, shopping malls, parking lots; anywhere they could find a public strip of grass (or snow). Funny, though, they weren't 'bombarded' with people lining up for the clipboards, in fact, I rarely saw anyone approach the weirdos. Worried what kind of treachery they'll use to try to win in June.

What happened to civility? Don't like Scott Walker? Why not torch pro-Walker people's front yards... on private property.

Jamie Schumaker came out of his Fox Point home to get the paper Sunday morning to find his small Governor Walker campaign sign reduced to ashes, a sign he put up just the day before.

"You'd like to disagree agreeably and not have to resort to something like this," said Schumaker to TODAY'S TMJ4.

Schumaker said he's an avid Walker supporter, even a donor, and said this is upsetting.  His neighbor's sign...