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I discussed this with a black friend. To paraphrase: Everything he does is opposed because he is a black man. There is still too much fear of oppression in the black community even though Obama is a shining example of the opposite. Obama President Thomas Supreme Court Rice Secretary of State What office or how many billions do you need to have before the race card is torn up and thrown in the fireplace?
New Hampshire would arrest them. We've done it before for mass police in our state. Agree human trafficking.
So um, you work at Starbucks with a Yale degree. All that money gets paid back how? The FED prints it?
Guaranteed 5% raises for life? I haven't had a 5% raise in 15 years and I'm the highest rated(for performance) person in my company. NH super markets are struggling to stay open. Stop and Shop closed all 6 of it's stores. Shaws closed 6 more and has cut all employee hours. Vermont may very soon have to buy groceries in New Hampshire.
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The Nightmare of a Defenseless America

smileynh Wrote: May 05, 2014 12:08 PM
Liberal American Jews aren't being shot at with missiles or attacked with bombs. It makes all the difference.
I have to laugh at the foraging part because America really is the land of plenty. My neighbor had so many ducks he couldn't give them away, an entire chest freezer. The Mung in Minnesota can pull 20-100 fish a day out of lakes and streams. I felt like an idiot buying food after watching them fish. Illinois has more deer than people, tons of free meat. Meanwhile we handout food stamps in Detroit. If they weren't so busy shooting each other they'd have free food all year long.
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The Right Way to Cut Defense Spending

smileynh Wrote: Jan 15, 2013 8:11 AM
Yes, we can cut defense. But, we spent $1 trillion on welfare last year. Why do we need 100 weeks unemployment when 26 was just fine in 1979??!?! The cuts in defense, 60 billion, are less than the medicare fraud alone.
I'm watching this video OVER AND OVER AND OVER. "He was WINNING!"
This is the same as CFL bulbs everyone hates. A company just started developing a LED bulb that last 25 years $59. BUT, they have added value of wifi control, can change to any color. They also turn on an off by time or proximity. The developer asked for $500k They had millions in a few days because it's a light bulb people WANT! Build an electric car that makes money and it will sell. If it can go 200 miles and charge in 15 mins. Or, if you have limited range it has to cost LESS not more. Toyota sells the Prius at a profit. Partly because, like apple, they have an idiot fan base. The Corolla is a far better ROI.
You really made me want to click the Flag as Offensive button. "They are really great, costing GM $50k each." Companies are supposed to MAKE money.
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