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Joycey, technically when you throw them out of an airplane you are setting them free.
Just pass a law that allows the dangerous criminals to vote while still locked up and the Democrats will be behind it 100%. That's the only reason they want all of these illegals in the country. So if they can still fulfill their destiny by voting for Democrats the Democrats will allow them to be locked up. Otherwise the Democrats don't care at all if people are murdered, raped and robbed if that is the cost of bringing in more Democrat voters.
The best thing any group could do for its self is to vote 49% for one party and 51% for the other. Currently with the black vote going 90% Democrat it makes the Democrats not care about blacks, why should they, they’ll vote for us any way. It makes the Republicans not care about blacks, why should they, they’ll never vote for us no matter what they do. So both parties are jumping through hoops and promising the moon to other groups to get their vote while ignoring the black vote.
All throughout history civilizations prosper from hard work and then comes a generation that has lived in prosperity without having to work hard for it. Then just like a lazy idiots inheriting millions of dollars, the idiots blow the money and are flat broke. Thus is the case with Western civilization. They have inherited freedom and prosperity, not knowing that slavery and poverty are the natural state of mankind. Soon they will learn that without hard work, morals and godly faith, they will descend back into mankind's natural state. There are reasons why just right across the Mexican border is massive poverty. There are reasons why parts of the world that have been civilized for thousands of years are today living in slavery and poverty. But it's pretty much a waste of time talking to 80% of today's youth. All they know is that if gay marriage was legal, only Democrats were in power and we all got our power from wind turbines, they think the world would suddenly be a utopia. I'm sadly that the world will go back to it's natural state within a generation or two.
If Americans were financially literate every socialist politician would be laughed off the stage of public debate. I was explaining the story of the "If taxes were beer" analogy to a friend. http://mrconservative.com/2012/01/688-tax-system-explained-beer/ Being a liberal he said that in truth the rich would be taking the poor person's beer. That's how stupid some people are. I haven't talked the man since then. I can't stand to be around that immense level of ignorance. But it everywhere.
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Socialism Punk’d You, Millennials

smg45acp Wrote: Jul 14, 2014 6:41 PM
Kids, and I would call millennials kids, are still heavily influenced by marketing and peer pressure. It's soooo much cooler and hipper to be a liberal instead of a stuffy Republican. When they start getting the bills for all of this cool Socialism, then they will get the wake up call. They still think that somebody else, some mythical rich person, is going to get taxed to pay for all of these wonderful social engineering programs. So kids, get your calculators out and punch in some numbers. If you taxed all of the rich people at 100% of their income, it isn't enough to pay for the government spending. Just like it has probably occurred to you that at some time when you move out on your own that then you'll have to pay the bills yourself. Well, it's like that. At some time you'll have to pay for feeding and housing all of the illegals invading the country. You'll have to pay for all of the welfare bums. You'll have to pay for the hundreds of other government programs that you currently think are cool. They won't seem so cool then.
It isn't suicide. It's a murder.
If they are selling illegal Viagra maybe that could be called an act of love.
Here's where that number is coming from. Deportations used to be counted when an illegal was processed through the courts and deported. NOW, the Obama administration is counting any time someone at the border is caught and turned back. So the same person might be caught several times in one night. So the numbers look huge, but the reality is practically nobody is actually getting deported. Liars can always figure out a way to lie and fool you.
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Dumb Politicians Won't Get Elected

smg45acp Wrote: Dec 27, 2013 2:57 PM
Someone once said that "Yes, Obama is a fool. But one fool can only do a little damage. What we really have to fear is the army of fools that voted him into office. There is the real danger".
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