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2011: The Most Energy-Efficient Year in History

SMEEnergy Wrote: Apr 02, 2012 11:32 PM
The simple energy consumption/GDP (E/GDP) ratio measure of energy intensity overstates the extent to which energy efficiency improvements have occurred in the economy. We are using significantly less energy because heavy industry has gone elsewhere. A shift from this heavy manufacturing to service oriented industries influences the simple E/GDP ratio, but is not indicative of improvements in energy efficiency. In 2008 the DOE developed a better measure based on ratios of energy efficiency based on energy intensity by sector. It seems the EIA has shifted their position-and now claim "2011 was the most economically energy-efficient year on record, ever" based on the E/GDP ratio. I don't think so.

It pains me when President Obama throws around terms like "innovation," "investment," and "efficiency." The way he uses and abuses these words, he makes it sound as if the institution of government (rather than the hard work of brilliant and self-interested individuals) is somehow responsible for the many conveniences of the modern age, and that we wouldn't be able to survive unless the government was interfering in the economy on behalf of the public good. The president is very wrong.

To an equally painful degree, environmentalist doomsayers are wont to hopelessly bemoan how we consume far too much costly...