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There comes a time when redistribution of wealth is needed. Like today, when only 80 people in the world own as much wealth as half the people on the planet. In America, the top 5% own 80% of everything in America, so why don't they pay more in taxes. The vast majority only pay 20% because their income is structured as capital gains, and other loopholes give them further tax breaks. Mitt Romney only paid 14% in taxes on 15 million in income in the only partially-complete tax return he released. Let us not forget, just after WW2 the top tax bracket was 94%, and the rich still got rich and America did well. After Kennedy was assassinated, the top bracket was reduced to 70%, and the rich got richer but America still did well. Today, the top bracket is 34% but they pay 20% or less, and America is NOT doing well. The top bracket needs to be raised back to 70% and loopholes eliminated.
The house can pass whateverthehell BS bill they want, but unless it makes it through thee Senate and by the prez then it doesn't count.
What an absolute sack of lying BS. The prez has ABSOLUTE discretion as to who to prosecute. See SC decision Nixon v United states, 1974. The prez could prosecute every con in the country for being unpatriotic traitors if he wished. So deferring prosecution to illegal aliens is not even a stretch. The dept of homeland security is authorized to issue work permits, so that lie falls also. Cons are pathological liars. "Obama is a Muslim". "Obama's birth certificate is a fake". Kids from central america are carrying ebola". "There are death panels in the ACA". Anyone who believes anything the cons say is an idiot.
Just more BS from right wingnuts. There is no amnesty. There was no amnesty. There never will be any amnesty from the prez. He is lawfully doing things within his executive power.
Anyone who mentions "amnesty" in conjunction with illegal aliens as already LYING. The prez has never issued amnesty to illegal aliens. The prez will never issue amnesty to illegal aliens. Its not within his power. But because the cons wouldn't give him any new judges to handle the huge backlog of immigration cases, he expedited cases for those with criminal backgrounds.and deferred prosecution for those with no criminal history. And to be eligible for this they had to have been here for at least 5 yrs. The prez has also deported more illegal aliens than any prez in history. And anyone who relies on Faux Nooz for anything is an idiot.
The election results don't mean squat. Go look at midterm election results for the last 100 years, and you will see the same thing almost every time. The incumbent party in the WH loses seats in the senate and house. Today, the cons have no agenda whatsoever. They are in complete disarray. The comedy freak show they generate over the next two years will keep us all entertained. .
By that standard, the conviction and jailing of Don Seigelman in Alabama was overzealous, but he was jailed anyway. So now its Perry's turn to go to jail.
I wouldn't disagree with the statement that cons are revolting.
This don't mean squat. The two judges out of three are repigs, and now the decision is headed for a full court review, where the dems hold a majority. It won't stand. And the decision itself is not based on logic, its based on politics.
He should not be tried by the public. Let them finish their investigation first. And its no surprise that no one has come forward, they all would have left the military by now.
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