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Look at which Political Party controls the state legislature and the Governors Mansion and that gives you your answer.
David, 50 years ago I was 20 years old, and a soldier in the US Army, we had men and women serving were gay, and I as a Non-Commissioned Officer did not care so long as they did their job. What they did off base was not any of my business, The police in Columbus GA learned early on to respect my feelings in this regard after a couple of them ran afoul of me. And no I am not gay, I do however have a Neice that is a Lesbian, and a Nephew who is gay, harm them and you will feel my wrath and it is not something even at my age folks want to feel. I attend college with Gays and Lesbian students, and should someone attempt to bully them they know all they have to do is let me know and Campus Security does not get involved with it. Oh and I am also an ordained Minister of God.
David, unless you live in the County or State in question none of your tax dollars are used in support of the sports program, nor of the Football field. Therefore you argument is not valid regarding your tax dollars. Maybe you need to read James Madison's Original Proposed Amendments, as he submitted to Congress on Jun 8 1789 as regards Religion: "That no national religion shall be established." Does that sound familiar David, I doubt it because you more then likely, as evidenced by your comment, "at this point it makes NO difference what the founders intended" James Madison also said that in order to understand the Constitution you must look at the time in which it was written, any other interpretation will render a Bastardized form of Government. Get the idea yet David, it is doubtful because like many Liberals you support the placement of Prayer Rugs in Public Schools for Muslims to pray on, but seek to deny the right of Christians to pray where they deam it appropriate.
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Guns in the Home

smcvey Wrote: Jul 06, 2014 10:42 AM
I takes roughly 15 minutes to work a combination to open a gun safe, and in that Fifteen minutes a home invasion will result in your death and that of your family, to include your children. I taught all of my children that guns were not toys and can cause severe injury or death when and if mishandled. I did this by actually showing them the damage that a firearm can do, a one gallon milk jug filled with colored water, (red food dye is best), and having them watch what happens when a bullet strikes that jug is a highly effective way of demonstrating the effects of a bullet on human or animal tissue. Try it you can see it for yourself.
Yes something that Ajax and Bleach wont wash off and penicillin would run screaming from.
Fascists are Socialist, as were the Nazi's and so to are Communist, they are one and the same just using a different name. Sociaism is all about people control, pure and simple.
One of the best responses to this type of garbage I have seen yet.
Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you as you depart.
Well said, but Rodney Dangerfield was not against Guns, in fact he personally owned hundreds of firearms, and did not rely on hired guards for security, but had a valid Concealed Carry permit for his own and family's protection.
My cure is simple, castrate all convicted rapist and I mean remove it Bat and Balls, let them pee into a bag for the rest of their lives. They will never rape anyone again.
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