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Got Racism?

SMChudej Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 3:23 PM
Here's a hypothetical question: If the targets of John Wilkes Booth or Lee Harvey Oswald had been black, would racism have been the motive?
rightmostofthetime Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 3:26 PM
Actually, one COULD make the case that racism was part of JWB's motive.
Fuzzy2 Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 3:34 PM
I suppose you could, Bill.

But I think that JWB was like me (not that I would shoot anyone) - he felt it a travesty that the North and the South, fellow Americans, should be killing each other over being forced to live by one side's measure of morality. He must have believed that our federal government did not have the right or authority to force states, who voluntarily joined the Union, so submit to a government they no longer wished to be associated with.
Fuzzy2 Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 3:26 PM
Well. they would have been hate crimes. (yet another ludicrous liberal idea passed over the head of our republican representatives).

Liberal racism sightings have become like a lunatic's version of "Where's Waldo?" Kevin Baker of Harper's magazine says Romney's referring to his "five boys" in last week's debate was how he "slyly found a way" to call Obama a "boy." Says Baker: "How the right's hard-core racists must have howled at that!"

MSNBC's Chris Matthews says the word "apartment" is racist because black people live in apartments. He also says the word "Chicago" is racist because -- despite its well-known reputation as the home of Al Capone and the Daley machine -- a lot of black people live there,...