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Contract Now or Snap Later

smcclendon Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 11:17 AM
Republicans need to shoot the hostage. Go ahead with sequestration. Let the leftists gut the military. Raise taxes. Get the pain of the financial crash over. The sooner the crash comes, the sooner we can start rebuilding.

Thelma & Louise, a 1991 Academy Award winning film, gives pretty good insight into the quandary that both of our political parties are currently facing in dealing with the “fiscal cliff.”  After what was supposed to be a relaxing two-day vacation in the mountains turns into a gun-toting, man-killing nightmare, the heroines ultimately do what is right, and go over the cliff. 

There would be no months and months of legal preparations, legal defense, and litigious appeals; the psychological studies would be put back on the shelf, and most important, the cost to either incarcerate or...