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Hey Mark where do I apply?
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Saudi is Eating Its Own

smcclendon Wrote: Oct 21, 2014 1:31 PM
As Daddy used to say, "All they got to sell is oil and sand. And no body is going to buy sand."
Comparing Obama and Hillary to Paris Hilton is an insult to Paris Hilton. She is an honest person who never stole or lied to get where she is.
Because health insurance is regulated by the federal government
Abortion is and has always been for the convenience of the man. It is the great deception of the last century to convince women abortion is good for them.
What makes you think it is not happening already?
Castrate then exile
Abortion is and always has been for the convenience of promiscuous men. It is a master stroke of propaganda that cads have been able to convince feminists that they should want to kill their babies.
Abortion has always been about the convenience of men. It is one of the propaganda coups of history that women have been convinced it is for their benefit.
Are you kidding?!?! Canada doesn't want Vermont.
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