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Abortion has always been about the convenience of men. It is one of the propaganda coups of history that women have been convinced it is for their benefit.
Are you kidding?!?! Canada doesn't want Vermont.
When will people realize that the reason Obama is blocking the Keystone pipeline is because it benefits these United States. Obama will die before he does anything good for these United States.
Approving the pipeline would be good for America. Obama will die before he does anything that helps these United States. He wants us poor, hungry, cold and in the dark.
That was my thought. Approving the pipeline is in these United States' best interest. He wants us poor, cold and in the dark.
It's hot and dusty in the summer and cold and dusty in the winter. And that's Leavenworth's good points.
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The Costs of Barack Obama’s Weakness

smcclendon Wrote: Mar 19, 2014 3:18 PM
Chamberlain was playing for time as England frantically re-armed. We are disarming as fast as the Democrats can.
They don't need to because they get Medicaid, paid for by the taxpayers of California.
Richard Nixon resigned before impeachment hearings. He loved his country and was actually ashamed of his actions.
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