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I'm from Washington State and it is true that if you qualify for Apple health you do not get subsides. You are stuck, try finding a doctor that will take you? Health insurance in name only. Also, for next year the state has announced that prices for next year will kept very low. How will they do it? They have stressed that you need to pay attention to the very large deductibles associated with each plan. Again, insurance in name only, and even with the subsides, only the rich can afford it. ObamaCare is not comprehensive insurance, it's a catastrophic health insurance plan, which if I remember right, used to be about half the price of ObamaCare.
If you would focus mostly on math and english skills early on, you might have half a chance to educate for college. When I was in 4th grade my teacher was an english major, and all we did that year was english. For a full year nothing else. From then on all I needed was practice of what I had learned. Call it English immersion, (remember Spanish immersion?) From then on, you could then immerse in math, still practicing english and getting your core classes like history in there. Once you get to high school, the kids are free to really excel in areas of their choosing, using math and english skills even more. The basic process is, you have to make sure that kids have the time to actually get it. If you put them in immersion, they will have a much better chance and won't get behind. Especially in math, that's critical. And just an aside, we need to teach kids about finances. This is a good way they can practice their math skills putting them into real life situations, so they can see how important they are.
What do you expect from a state that counts ballots 3 times until the Democrat miraculously wins over the elected Republican? Seattle gets what it deserves. The rest of us will be around to pick up the pieces when they all get run out of office
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The Second U.S. Housing Bubble?

Smartchick Wrote: Mar 28, 2014 7:48 AM
#1. Peoples incomes are about the same or slightly increased from what they were making BEFORE the recession in 2007 and we were paying much higher prices for housing then than we are now as homes have not quite come back to 100% of what they were then. #2. Interest rates are far lower than they were in 2007 so even if homes were back to 100% levels, the cost per month for a mortgage is still lower. #3. It's a great time to buy, but most people are reluctant to because of articles like this. The idea is, if you want to buy a home, you have a secure job and enough savings to make your house payment if you are laid off for an extended time, then buying now is a great time. Interest rates affect you much more than the purchase price, and they won't stay at this level forever.
Obama's reign is a perfect example on a small scale of the rise of the Antichrist. Now you may not believe in such things, but if you do, you can now see how how the Antichrist will be overwhelmingly elected, much more so than even Obama. It's so stunning to me how many sheep we have in our midst. Jim Jones and the Kool Aid episode year ago showed us this. We must fight it in any way we can that's convincing to those who don't bother to see with their head and their eyes. At some point people will object, just like they eventually will with the Antichrist, but then it's too late.
Fact #1 Obama, people who struggle to save for retirement do so because they have no money at the end of the paycheck, in fact they're in the red. Fact#2, you can set up a Roth IRA at so many hundred, maybe thousand places, that no one even needs this option. Fact #3, as stated below, the interest rates as so pitiful that Obama is giving false hope to people that they actually would have a secure retirement in the end. The power of compound interest is such that when you're young at least, you need that money actually working for you not sitting in a Treasure Bond. Fact #4 Last but certainly not least, Really Obama you needed to go around Congress to come up with this, offering it to us huddled masses? Is it that controversial that you think Congress would have refused to work with you on this? Well maybe they would have actually offered us something of value. Ya, that would be good.
The taxpayers actually do feed them if the mother cannot. It's call WIC, SNAP, Welfare, and food banks.
I for one have seriously considered moving to another state. The Progressive Liberal agenda that I have to live with on a daily basis (at work in my union job, smoking laws, banned plastic bags, Mike McGinn, Seattle's bicycling mayor along with war on car drivers by reducing road capacity, new legalized marijuana laws, the list goes on. Patty Murray was just the start of it, and the 'mute' button on my t.v. gets used quite a bit when she makes the news.
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