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In the Federal law that Toomey proposed the government will have access to your Mental Health records and HIPAA will not prohibit this action.
People really need to read the language in Toomey's new bill. The bill is on drudge in a weekly standard article it is also on Hotair. As part of the background check the government will access Mental Health records and it states under section 117 in capital letters that this process does not violate HIPAA. This language is the ground work for confiscation. Check out what is happening in CA and now in NY. This was not a mistake,NY got caught confiscating guns just as this piece of Federal legislation is being passed in Congress. Toomey needs to be run out of the state of PA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Immigration reform can not pass until the borders are secure. It will be 1986 all over again if we get a verbal that they will secure the border.....after all our dear leader won't enforce laws he disagrees this whole immigration reform bill is just GARBAGE! It will turn this country into a one party system. Low income welfare recipients always vote Democrat and the big corporations as well as Obama is selling out the middle working class! I really wish people would just face facts. The GOP will get screwed either way by this bill. If they pass it,the GOP is history and if they don't pass it,the media will attack them........which is nothing new.
I actually think this was a directive from someone higher up in the chain of command. He obviously has no fear of punishment.
Rich must have felt very confident that he would not be punished when he sent the email to several people. This definitely sounds like a directive from someone higher up in the chain of command. This is really scarey.
....and Muslims are on board with homosexuality??? Why isn't this group on the list for their views against homosexuality??
Go away....I want to see a Rand Paul/Rubio ticket or Rubio/Rand Paul ticket.
Wow..I am middle class and this does nothing for my morale. This guy poses as the protector of the middle class as one of his companies avoids paying a sizable sum in taxes. Where are the journalists? Why isn't this little fact reported in the MSM? Why didn't Matt Lauer ask that question?????? I am willing to bet that this guy made his wealth from paying off politicians like Obama for favors.
Yeah..and you probably think Benghazi is a Kardashian. One has to laugh at the hypocrisy of the left when it comes to scandals. The liberal loons and MSM were all yapping about Valerie Plame but you look the other way when an ambassador and 3 US citizens are killed in cold blood. what are the GOP twits going to do about it?? Oh, I know..they will cave in to King Obama's wishes!!!!!!!
I think it is about time that the GOP folds its tent. There is zero leadership in the GOP. There is no GOP leader that can break through with a clear coherent message...there is only backstabbing and huge egos.
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