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People do not trust this administration and president with regards to border enforcement...after all Obama seems to have no problem in over riding immigration law and enforcement like he did last May. Why should we believe that Obama won't just waive the enforcement provisions placed in this law? Rubio is incredibly naive. Immigration reform should be worked on in phases. First phase is proven border security and enforcement. This phase would last at least 2 years.
You are right and besides if he can't win as a Republican....he will just declare himself a Democrat.
Rubio is either blindly naive or extremely deceptive!!!! Either quality is not a favorable quality for a leader.
Enforce and secure our borders and enforce current immigration law. How can you create new laws when you do not even enforce current laws. People do not trust government and unfortunately the GOP leadership is either impotent or they are in on the scam or they have been blackmailed by the Chicago thugs.....after all that is the Chicago way. To be quite honest,the average American citizen is helpless.
He is just like Cuomo and Bloomberg...he even told a reporter that he agrees with Cuomo 98% of the time and the establishment Republicans think that this is the guy who deserves the nomination in 2016.....No Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DITTO...the Republican party is history. It is time for people to jump ship to organize for 2016!! Unless the GOP purges the progressives like McCain,Graham,Christie and the Bushes.......then there is no hope for this country. I truly can not see how their positions vary that much from Obama's. Bush after all was the one who started the out of control spending,No child left behind and the increase in Medicare spending.
That tells me everything. Rubio and his gang have no intention of enforcing the border. Big business will win and the American middle class citizen will lose.Where is Jan Brewer and Rick Perry?
Doug,read the language of Toomey's new gun bill. They will review your mental health records as part of the background check and in capital letters they state that this is NOT prohibited by HIPAA!! I saw the bill on Hot Air and in an article referenced by Drudge in the weekly standard. How can the government simply override HIPAA ? I am surprised that Katie didn't highlight this part of the bill. I strongly believe that the NY case was not a mistake and Cuomo just got caught. They are trying to play down the NY case by saying it was a mistake to not draw attention to this section of the bill in the Federal bill. This is how they will confiscate guns. Think of the millions of people who are or we're on some type of antidepressant or ADHD
In the Federal law that Toomey proposed the government will have access to your Mental Health records and HIPAA will not prohibit this action.
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