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The lobbyist who isn't a lobbyist?
They ran on "40 million uninsured" in order to pass this obamanation. BHO is still lying. I don't believe him.
Not even a good try, Neil. We just even listen to your side any longer; you are in bed with lying, racist, unionized thugs.
No visa - no envoy: bummer dude.
Hhhmmmm: or maybe all of the above. Keep the House, take the Senate and them impeach the louse. PLENY of evidence is Out There. We will know all when the divider-in-chief is out of office.
Who cares about "what if" or "maybe" pysdoc - find the truth now get it Out There
"tg" you missed the point...your agenda is snarkily shining through. You must be a proglodyte in training.
The shooter had a problem with the "no" word.
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