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Pinhead Bureaucrats Threaten Family with Possible Prison Sentence for Rescuing a Baby Deer

slk Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 12:04 PM
It's a rural stop sign and the road is 100% empty except you. Then it's stupid to follow the law--no one will get hurt. Do it, get ticketed by the cop you did not see hiding in the shadows and then try not paying the fine. You could not hurt anyone--there was no one. The law still applies. Do you want your neighbor rehabing a mountain lion? Maybe a skunk and he doesn't want it descanted? Baby moose? Wolverine? The only reason we rehab wildlife is it makes us feel good. Scientifically, there's a lot of questions on how much harm it does.

As a public finance economist, I normally focus on big-picture arguments against excessive government.

If the public sector is too large, for instance, that undermines economic growth by diverting resources from the productive sector of the economy.

The damage is then compounded by a needlessly destructive and punitive tax system.

But I’ve also discovered that it helps to personalize the analysis by pointing out examples of ridiculous and wasteful behavior by government.