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More Nannycrat Insanity: EU Wants to Ban Youth Unemployment

slk Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 12:27 PM
Looks straight out of "Atlas Shrugged". You can't fire anyone, everyone has to have a job, and no one cares if there's no money and no way to make it happen. Looks like Europe is just a bit ahead of us on the insanity meter.

Youth unemployment is shockingly high in Greece, Spain, and Italy as shown by Europe's Most Tragic Graph by The Atlantic.

Young workers in Greece and Spain are facing an absolutely egregious work drought, where half of high-school and college-graduates ready to find a job aren't finding one. And 55% isn't the ceiling. Both economies are shrinking and unemployment is a lagging indicator -- as Americans have learned, the rate can keep going up after an...