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Media Bias, Elections and Economics

slk Wrote: Sep 27, 2012 9:42 AM
Ghostwriter: I see you are a socialist or at least someone planning on living as a parasite on other's earnings someday down the line. Good luck with that. The problem in all of this is the people whom the parasites feed on are out working and earning a living. Unlike the losers who throw gasoline bombs in the streets and defile parks, these people don't have time to protest. The frightening thing is this leaves only one option when the parasites have sucked a sufficient amount of life--violence. They have no other recourse because workers have something to lose and no time to behave like children throwing a tantrum.
The would-be president continues to complain bitterly about media favoritism. His advisors, according to an article in yesterday's FT, criticize media "fawning" as interfering with official duties. The article sites media advantage coupled with opaque campaign financing as a threat to an otherwise "reliable" voting system. Because the president has the media in his pocket, control of government purse strings and threat of retribution against those that vote against him, a key adviser calls the upcoming election "David against Goliath."

The article I'm referring to was written about the upcoming election in Venezuela and about the heavy-handed tactics, including a fawning media...
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