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A well regulated Militia....
Dag, they live in a bubble, dude. As a kid, I used to wonder how Germans were brainwashed. I see it now. Neo Conservatism cannot fail, it can only be failed, ect..
Ken- Just can't stand a black man in the White House, eh?
Katrina-- Just like a 'Christian'. Typical. One day, perhaps I'll meet one...
Prager is an idiot. I listen to him every morning on my drive in. It's total comedy GOLD. I love it how he tries, successively I might add, to dupe stupid Christians into Old Testament garbage beliefs. Evidently he's never read about Jesus, forgiveness and TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK. There are no real Christians. I'd love to meet one.
I've worked with home schooled WEIRDOS. It's always the BEST comedy. How old is the earth? *snickers* So, tell me about fire breathing dinosaurs, walking alongside man... *ROFL* I really don't care if you guys wanna pump out complete idiots into the workforce. Do it on your own dime.
That's great. Firefighters, Police, ect. Lazy and incompetent? I'm glad you show your colors.
So you say. Just a mindless assertion. Sorry the rest of 'normal' America doesn't want home-schooled, religious weirdos receiving their education on our dime. Pay for it out of your Sunday School fund.
Remove tax breaks for churches and the Rep party has no funding. Do it!
The same can be said removing tax breaks from Churches. Remove the tax breaks and see who is left standing, those will be real 'Churches'. Enjoy.
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