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Please! No more Bushes! We've had enough of dynasties, and another Clinton or Bush will cause all of us to stay home.
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The Blind Sheik and Our Mute President

Slinkiecat Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 9:46 PM
Weren't both Romney and McCain enough to qualify for the "none of the above" title? They were to the base of the Republican Party. If you want more centrist candidates, you're looking at more losses for the Right and more wins for the radical Left.
If Obama hadn't decided to call all his opponents his enemies, maybe he wouldn't have had so much dislike of his attitude and his intention to attack all successful business owners. It was obama who ordered his union thugs to "get in their faces," and "if they bring a knife to the fight, you bring a gun." It was the uninformed voters who never heard that, and they thought he was a "cool guy" who was "just like them", not realizing that he was playing them all for fools while spending a BILLION $ on vacations for his family in just his first term.
That's not history. Bush inherited a mild recession rather than a growing economy. The "Dot.com" crash ended the Clinton uptake, and that's why Bush got his first tax cut passed to invigorate the economy. Then there was the long process of getting his Cabinet seated because of Democrats stonewalling, and a few weeks after that was settled, the horrific attacks of 9/11 sent the economy into a real tailspin. Bush put through another big tax cut package, and from then the economy took off and flourished again, with unemployment virtually nil at 4.5%. Two wars that were unpopular even though Congress approved both were dragging down the presidential approval, and the housing financial market caused the terrible decline in Bush's last year.
In other words, our once great country will decline into oblivion. You should be as sad as those of us who believed in the exceptionalism of the USA are when we realize who has decided to destroy the greatness and promise of our country was a mere generation ago.
No, our first amendment is as important as any other. The second is there to enforce the first. What sounds offensive to one group is the free expression of another, and both groups must be allowed to express their opinions. There is no right to be free of offense. You may be offended by my praise of God, but you may not keep me from expressing it. Our media seem to abhor our right to express our views but blatantly show their praise of obama. We don't try to shut them up, but we do need air time to prove them wrong.
Madison, you are saying what I believe to be so. The moral corruption of our society is based on allowing our government to do on our behalf what we know in our hearts to be wrong. Then we justify our own "fudging" on our tax returns because we know thousands of others do also. We see our elected Senators and Representatives from all levels up to the federal government ignoring our Constitution to pass laws that clearly limit our God-given rights and empower the government to limit our liberty. Our kids are the losers here. Tomorrow's leaders must come from the home-schooled and clear-minded ones who know the true history of our country.
The House is controlled by Rep. John Boehner, the Speaker. Nancy Pelosi controls the minority Dems. Sen. Harry Reid is the scourge of the Senate.
Rubio is not excluded because of his parents' birth or their citizenship at his birth. They were in our country by choice and had filed for citizenship. Marco was born a citizen, which makes him "natural born" even though his parents were "naturalized citizens' who gave up their loyalty to Cuba. Marco never had a loyalty to Cuba, being born and raised in this country.
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Little Things Make up Character

Slinkiecat Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 7:26 PM
No, the majority of American citizens still say they want it repealed. They voted against their own interests, which is a result of a dumbed-down young voting group. They are clueless about the consequences of their votes.
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