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The ‘Gay Marriage’ Spin

slinger Wrote: May 25, 2012 12:37 PM
I agree' Flaming. Please tell me how recognition of same sex marriage makes more taxpayers. The STATE depends upon Taxpayers. That's why there is the "Marriage Tax". Do you really want to start paying that?? Then just go find a lawyer, sign the Power of Attorney, pay the fee, and be done with it. Looking back on it, except for my religion, It would'ved save us thousands. I admit it. What's your gripe? How many times have I had sex with my wife over the last 22 years??? You don't know. I don't remember. Don't ask, don't flaunt. is THAT so hard?? Then, you get equal treatment. Cause, I for one don't care. Unless you flaunt, as you are doing. js

The American people are not stupid.

Recently President Obama announced he’d discovered a new conviction in favor of homosexual ‘marriage” (conveniently timed to maximize his standing at a $15 million Hollywood fundraiser among the liberal glitterati). It was nothing more than a blatant attempt to fire up his base, particularly young liberal and independent voters: if they don’t vote, Obama loses big-time.

But the American people are not buying into his pandering. A CBS/ New York Times poll found that