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Christie Risks All to Take on Unions

slinger Wrote: Apr 16, 2012 4:20 AM
Amen, Leonard, I'm looking forward to cashing out my 401k and having all the fees and taxes up front. I've had too much money stolen to let it go again. To all you who cannot get your mind around finding reading a simple year to date percentage return on your 401k, go to the online statement form. Put in YTD. LOOK at your "rate of return" it will be a %. Now, go back and schedule Jan 1 to April 1. See a difference?? Betcha do, and it ain't good from April on. Get yourselves some good Education, and take your money back into your own hands. js

The proverbial can only be kicked so far before the can rusts away to nothing. That is what Police in Stockton, California have found out and that is what the pensioners in the entire Illinois retirement system will soon find out.

Stockton Can Suspend Police Accrued Vacation Payouts

A California Superior Court Judge says Stockton Can Suspend Police Accrued Vacation Payouts.

Stockton, the central California city trying to avert bankruptcy, can continue suspending accrued vacation and sick time payouts for its retiring and departing police officers, a state judge ruled.

San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge Lesley D. Holland yesterday rejected the...

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