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Elisabeth Meinecke On Illegal Immigrants Receiving In-state Tuition on Fox Business' "Cavuto"

Slicker Wrote: Jan 20, 2013 8:26 AM
groceries they get, they jump from charity to charity until they fill their truck and then head for home..The illegals get all the assistance they apply for. theirs about 22,000,000 in the US as indicated and I'd like to know how many actually pay their way? Loads of them live in Mexico and come across the boarder monthly to pick-up their checks at a undisclosed address, how stupid is our Gov't? Laws or no laws, kick their a---out for good. Look at the gun laws that their trying to impose on law-biding citizens, but the Mexicans (illegals) can have all the weapons they can purchase in the US, and even our Gov't A.T.F. people help them obtain such firearms and contribute to the crises that happens..."OH WELL, SORRY" and thats swept under...